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Corporate Partnerships

Be our partner.

Companies that partner with the Carlson School empower students, touch Minnesota communities, and inspire innovation that impacts the global business community.

The Carlson School takes pride in the many and varied established relationships between the college and business community. By partnering with the Carlson School, you can:

Build Your Brand on Campus

Connect with up-and-coming talent with fresh perspectives through recruiting events, site visits, speaking engagements, and sponsoring conferences and events.

Access Expertise

Leverage the knowledge of the Carlson School by working with world-renowned faculty on research or with talented students on experiential-learning projects.

Invest in the Future

Drive business as a whole forward by supporting students, faculty, and curricular initiatives.

Build Global Competency

Provide International Experiences that help students grow into globally minded leaders in the world marketplace through study abroad scholarships, international site visits, and Global Business Practicum sponsorship.

Develop Talent

Cultivate dynamic leaders who possess command of the latest concepts, tools, and strategies through our Executive Education, MBA, and master’s programs.

For questions, please contact:

Jennifer Callahan, Executive Director Corporate and Foundation Relations

612-626-7442 ●

How some of our corporate partners are making an impact

  • Schmitz '17

    North Minneapolis has many employment services. Our goal was to recommend improvements to help people through the process more effectively.

    — Danielle Schmitz, ’17 MBA, Carlson Consulting Enterprise team lead
    Carlson Companies and the Carlson Family Foundation
    Funding Carlson Brand and Consulting Enterprises projects with area nonprofits.
  • Mandi England

    My Land O’Lakes internship in food security took me to Africa and Washington, D.C. I want to work for a company whose mission is to do good in the world.

    — Mandi Egeland, ’17 BSB, Land O’Lakes Global Food Challenge Emerging Leader for Food Security Fellow
    Land O' Lakes
    Funding fellowships allowing students to examine food security issues on a local, national, and global level as part of the Land O’Lakes Global Food Challenge.

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